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Marketing From The Trenches Podcast

Dec 24, 2019

A closed deal starts with a good pitch. Good pitches come from good proposals. But how do you create proposals that will get you more customers and leads? A lot of businesses have gotten used to the customary proposal where they read the first page, the last page, and then make a decision of whether it’s a yes or no.

Today, we will be hearing a lot of valuable insights from our guest, Adam Hempenstall—founder of Better Proposals. Today, Adam will tell us about how they create better proposals, in such a way that you’ll make your client want to read every single word of it.

I hope you’re excited as I am with today’s episode because this will surely give you a lot of fresh insights you can apply to your businesses.

About Adam Hempenstall (3:30)

  • Adam started rebuilding websites since he was 14 years old.
  • From being an agency to becoming a software company.
  • Creating software that served as little tracking devices for the proposals they sent out.
  • Getting more leads from Better Proposals in 24 hours compared to the one they’ve been working on in the last 12 months.
  • Moving Better Proposals into full-time mode.
  • Adam talks about the lifetime deal he made with AppSumo.

Things that are Hurting Your Sales Conversion Rate (10:00)

  • Sending proposals that cannot be opened on a mobile phone gives your potential clients a bad impression/experience.
  • Data shows that 71% of people open their emails through a mobile phone.
  • Tip: Make sure your proposals look good on mobile phones and/or tablets.
  • Sending proposals at a much later time.
  • Data reveals that there’s a 14% chance of winning a deal if you send your proposal within 24 hours.
  • Important Point: Not getting on to a new lead within 5 minutes, the chances of converting that lead into a sale falls off the cliff.
  • Not having a “NEXT STEP” on your proposal.

Integrating Live Chat with Proposals (22:20)

  • Adam talks about the integration of live chat in proposals.
  • The reason being, you can answer clients’ questions on the spot with a live chat messenger.
  • Data shows a 13.2% higher conversion rate upon the integration of live chat.

What is the data for certain issues? (23:55)

  • Does including videos in proposals make a difference? Data says “not really”.
  • If putting in a video is meaningful to your business, go ahead and post a video.
  • If not, then don’t bother. It will only prove to be a waste of time.

Good ideas (25:36)

  • Adam talks about some excellent ideas he has seen on the platforms.
  • Fully understand what your clients need, prove that you can deliver and you’ll do great.
  • Adam shares stories about reviewing some old proposals and finding unique ways to present proposals.
  • Framing the mindset of your clients. Positioning yourself and showing that you can add extra value.
  • Never forget the basics. A good mix of clever stuff and the basics will result in a nice blend.

 More Tips (39:04)

  • Get away from the tactics and just focus on the basics.
  • Attaching yourself to your clients’ excitement and giving them something that will make them say yes.
  • For every proposal you send, give your clients something to say yes and/or no to.
  • Don’t leave your client hanging about what to do next.

Our Guest:

Adam Hempenstall is the founder and CEO of Better Proposals. Better Proposals is a software that creates stunning and relevant business proposals- fast. The mission of their company is to empower clients to succeed in both business and life.

If you want to know more about what Adam does, just go to their website: Better Proposals. There you’ll be able to discover a lot regarding better proposals.

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