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Marketing From The Trenches Podcast

Dec 10, 2019

Marketing is not the only crucial aspect of a business. You also need the right business model for your strategy to work. Aside from these factors, a business owner must possess the right mindset and sufficient knowledge to manage the company better.

In this episode, digital marketing profit strategist and coach Greg Cassar shares his insights about his journey from running his own digital marketing agency to earning a million dollars in sales on Amazon. He also talks about exceptional business models that work.

Check these show highlights and listen to the podcast for guides on how to grow a business using exceptional strategies!


Engineer Your Luck (03:21)

  • Aim to be the better version of yourself so that when opportunities come along, you can identify them and take action.
  • Greg is in the corporate world, with a safe and decent job. But, for him, he is not where he is supposed to be.
  • Thus, he built an agency and quit corporate. He started The Collective, a high-end digital marketing mastermind.
  • He emphasized the importance of resilience in running a company. When the issues get tough to resolve, people tend to quit. Company owners should not have that attitude.

Business Model Freedom Scale (06:21)

  • There is a direct association between leverage and level of freedom.
  • An excellent business model paired with an amount of marketing can yield more outstanding results compared to a good enough business model paired with the same amount of marketing.
  • Business owners must realize that marketing is only one part of the business. It must be suitable for the kind of business, products, and business model that the company has.

The Proper Mindset (09:05)

  • It is essential to have the proper knowledge and mindset when running a company.
  • Most business owners are like operators than owners. However, they must focus on marketing to grow the business.
  • Entrepreneurs must learn about financial IQ, proper mindset, marketing, and sales.

Small Business Formula (12:02)

  • The director of first impressions is your website.
  • Have direct response elements on your site. People must also know what your business is all about and what they can get from your company.
  • Site visitors must also know how and where to contact you for fast communication.

Incentive-Based Marketing (17:33)

  • Make sure your business offers stand out.
  • Standing out does not mean lowering your price to a point where you don’t have profit anymore.
  • Present incredible and attractive offers to your customers.
  • If you want to get exceptional results, think and act differently from other players in the industry.

E-Commerce (30:01)

  • He learned about e-commerce by working with agency clients.
  • The fastest way to be a marketing expert is to speak to your clients.
  • It is impressive to sell on Amazon because there are a lot of customers every day.
  • Greg’s company is focused on listing optimization and advertising.

Choose What Matters (42:29)

  • They chose to close the Collective Mastermind to focus on what matters: health, happiness, and freedom.


Our Guest:

Greg Cassar is a marketer, growth hacker, tech founder, and a philanthropist. He specializes in e-commerce and Amazon. After working in the corporate world, Greg decided that he wanted to start an agency that can help clients with traffic and conversion. He is one of the founders of The Collective and has positively impacted a lot of lives through his work. Greg is also a tech founder at Modshow TV.

Connect with Greg Cassar through his website or LinkedIn profile for more great and inspiring content.



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