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Marketing From The Trenches Podcast

Nov 26, 2019

Today’s guest is one of my mentors, John Logar, the founder of Consulting Unleashed. When I first started in this industry, I knew absolutely nothing about being in business. But John—being one of the top guns in marketing—reshaped the way I thought about sales. He turned me from a geeky dude into a decent salesperson.

This episode may be longer than usual but sit tight and stay with us until the end. John and I will be discussing valuable information that will surely help you in your venture into marketing.


Sharing Golden Nuggets (3:37)

  • Choose your words very carefully.
  • Frame your reference from JUST selling to ACTUALLY get what they need/want.
  • From productization comes retention.
  • Retention is essential in growing and scaling your business.
  • Your mindset needs to be: “This client is not just exploring the idea of working with me because at the end of this call, this client WILL work with me.”
  • Position your frame of thoughts in such a way that the client understands you can solve their problem.
  • John tells clients to do what they do best, and he’ll be responsible for bringing in the customers.


John’s Three Pillars of Conversion (4:34)

  • Clarity – Be clear about your offer.
  • Conversion – About your marketing.
  • Leverage — Productize what you do.


John’s Three Fastest Ways of Generating Leads (7:03)

  • Getting leads is the easy part—if someone says they don’t have any leads, they’re not doing any work.
  • Go direct.
  • Work with a channel—customers you can add value to will introduce you to new clients.
  • Buying leads.


Before Setting Up a Sales Presentation(10:15)

  • Qualify the person first—do they need your help?
  • Can you help them?
  • Will they pay you?


The Sales Presentation (12:34)

  • Set an expectation of the budget; set an expectation of the outcome.
  • What are the objectives?
  • How can we attach the objectives to tangible results?
  • What is stopping you from achieving or adding extra revenue to your business? What’s the bottleneck?


Three Things You Need to Know From Your Client So You Can Work Together(16:20)

  • They are a reputable business that wants to scale and grow—having a vision for the company.
  • They understand that they need to invest if they want to scale and grow.
  • They will look after every person that is put in front of them.


John gives us a firsthand experience about what happens during his sales calls (17:43)

  • Involving important people to make sure that everybody is on the same page about scaling and growing a business.
  • Knowing whether the action needs to be taken now or on a later date—not being able to move forward is a waste of time.
  • Just exploring the idea of working with you doesn’t turn into a sale.
  • Showing your client that you actually want to help them makes a great difference—a hug or a firm handshake to affirm them that you are there to help them gives a certain kind of energy.
  • Understanding the client’s business will give you leverage.
  • If you want to be an expert in the niche market, work with one client and understand their niche.
  • Ask as many questions as possible—you need to know what you need to know NOT what you THINK you need to know.
  • Confidence comes with experience—showing clients that you are confident assures them that you know what you’re doing.
  • John recommends listening to Rejection Training. It helps you understand that to succeed, you need to go through rejection.


The Sales Process (41:12)

  • Give your client an “out.” Don’t intimidate them by making them feel like they’re obliged to buy anything at the end of the call.
  • John gives an idea of important questions to ask before you begin with the whole talk.
  • Show your clients a bird’s eye view of the plans you have that will help them achieve their objectives.
  • A walkthrough of the execution of the presented plan
  • Talk to your clients about the costs, give them a yes or a yes option, not a yes and no option.
  • Set up your agreement, including the list of services.
  • John reveals one trick that he uses during his sales calls.
  • Make sure to thank your clients for choosing you. Send them a thank you card, a personal handwritten note, or anything to tell them you appreciate them for choosing you.
  • It’s important to scale your business by establishing a great relationship with customers.


Dealing with Negative Responses (58:48)

  • “I need to think about this.” — Throw a rebuttal by reminding them of how sure they were before you presented your proposal. Give them space to sort their thoughts out.
  • If they really need to think about it, let them have the moment but stick to 24-48 hours.
  • You choose the time of the callback. Take control of that.
  • “The money issue” — Ask them if money is the only thing that’s stopping them from moving forward with the proposal.
  • Give them options.
  • If you’re so quick to give a discount on what you’re doing, there must be something wrong with your services.
  • Always have an initial setup fee—it takes time to put things into place.


Our Guest:

John Logar is the Founder of Consulting Unleashed. He specializes in targeting profitable niche markets for your business. John is one of the top guns in marketing. He is a speaker, trainer and internet consultant in Internet marketing, social media, niche marketing, niche market lead generation and business development.

If you wish to contact John Logar, you can reach him through this website: Consulting Unleashed. You’ll find a mini-course with a five-step process that’ll help you get a deal opportunity the fastest way.



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